St. Louis
Organ Archive

Mary Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church

Console and portion of Great pipework
676 West Lockwood Blvd
Webster Groves, MO 63119-3638


Combination Pipe and Electronic
Date:1979 2001

The original custom 11 rank Wicks all-pipe organ was installed in 1979, and was renovated and expanded significantly in 2001. The current organ has a total of 41 voices created by 17 pipe ranks and 16 digital voices. In addition to the significant improvements in voicing and expanded ranks in the gallery, a floating digital antiphonal division was installed in the front of the church over the baldachino. This division allows the Cantor, Ministers of Liturgy, and Congregation seated in the front of the church to hear the organ at the same time as those seated in the rear.
8   Principal
8   Bourdon
8   Harmonic Flute Digital
8   Flute Celeste II
4   Octave
4   Flute
2   Fifteenth
IV   Forniture
8   Chorus Trompette Digital
8   Festival Trumpet (Sw) Digital
   Great Super
   Automatic Pedal
   MIDI On
Swell ((Expressive))
16   Lieblich Gedeckt
8   Gedeckt
8   Gemshorn
8   Gemshorn Celeste
4   Principal
4   Flute Digital
4   Spitzviole
2 2/3   Nazard
2   Octavin
1 1/3   Quint
1 3/5   Tierce
IV   Plein Jeu
16   Contra Trompette
8   Trumpet
8   Oboe Digital
8   Festival Trumpet Digital
   Zimblestern Digital
   Swell Sub
   Swell Unison Off
   Swell Super
   MIDI On
Antiphonal ((Expressive))
8   Gedeckt Digital
8   Erzähler Celeste II Digital
4   Flute Digital
2   Flautino Digital
8   Tuba Mirablis Digital
32   Violone Digital
16   Principal Digital
16   Bourdon Digital
16   Lieblich Gedeckt
8   Octave
8   Gedeckt (Sw)
4   Choral Bass
4   Harmonic Flute (Gt) Digital
16   Posaune (Sw)
8   Trumpet (Sw)
4   Rohrschalmei Digital
8   Festival Trumpet (Sw) Digital
   MIDI On

Couplers and Accessories

Couplers: Great to Pedal Unison, Swell to Pedal Unison, Swell to Pedal Super, Antiphonal to Pedal Unison, Antiphonal to Swell, Swell to Great Sub, Swell to Great Unison, Swell to Great Super, Antiphonal to Swell Pistons: 10 General Pistons, 5 Great Thumb Pistons, 5 Swell Thumb Pistons, 4 Antiphonal Thumb Pistons, Set, and General Cancel Reversible Pistons: Swell to Great, Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Sforzando Toe Studs: Generals 1-10, Pedal 1-5, Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Sforzando Accessories: 32 memory levels with display, Peterson MIDI Resource System with interface connectors, thumb, and toe pistons for MIDI functions, Balanced Expression Pedals for Swell, Antiphonal, and digital Great voices, Crescendo pedal, 13-position transposer with tilt-tab activation.
Updated January 6, 2011