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Combination Pipe and Electronic
Date:1964 1999

Manual Compass CC to c4 - 61 notes Pedal Compass CCC to G - 32 notes Console: Drawknobs, 45 degree Side Jambs Built to AGO Specifications, Standard Keys New Console and Digital Additions Installed in 2000
16'   Violin D
8'   Principal
8'   Diapason D
8'    Harmonic Flute D
8'   Flute Celeste II D
8'   Rohrflöte
8'   Violone D
4'   Octave
4'   Spitzflote
2 2/3   Twelfth D
2'   Fifteenth
IV   Fourniture
II   Scharf
8'   Trumpet D
8'   English Tuba D
   Chimes D
   Melody Trumpet
   Tremulant D
   MIDI (Prepared)
16'   Lieblich Gedeckt D
8'   Geigen Principal D
8'   Gedeckt
8'   Viola
8'   Viola Celeste D
8'   Salicional
8'   Voix Celeste
4'   Gedeckt
4'   Octave D
2 2/3   Nazard
2'   Flute
1 3/5   Tierce
IV   Plein Jeu D
16'   Contre Trumpet D
8'   Trumpet
8'   Hautbois D
4'   Clarion D
8'   Principal D
8'   Gedeckt D
8'   Gemshorn D
8'   Gemshorn Celeste D
4'   Octave D
4'   Flute D
2'   Spitz Octave D
1 1/3   Quint D
III   Mixture D
8'   Krummhorn D
8'   English Horn D
8'   English Tuba D
   Harp D
   Tremulant D
32'   Principal D
32'   Bourdon D
16'   Principal
16'   Subbass D
16'   Quintade
16'   Violone (Great) D
8'   Spitzprincipal
8'   Still Gedackt
8'   Gemshorn D
4'   Choral Bass D
4'   Nachthorn
III   Mixture
32'   Kontra Posune D
16'   Posaune D
16'   Fagott
8'   English Tuba (Choir) D
8'   Trumpet (Swell)
4'   Rohrschalmei D

Couplers and Accessories

Couplers Swell Sub, Swell, Unison Off, Swell Super Swell to Great Sub, Swell to Great Unison, Swell to Great Super Swell to Chor Sub, Swell to Choir Unison, Swell to Choir Super Choir Sub, Choir Unison Off, Choir Super Choir to Great Sub, Choir to Great Unison, Choir to Great Super Great Super Swell to Pedal Unison, Swell to Pedal Super Choir to Pedal Unison, Choir to Pedal Super Great to Pedal Unison, Great to Pedal Super Combination Pistons 6 Thumb Pistons affecting the Great + Cancel 6 Thumb Pistons affecting the Swell + Cancel 6 Thumb Pistons affecting the Choir + Cancel 6 Toe Pistons affecting the Pedal 12 General Pistons affecting the entire organ 12 Toe Pistons affecting the entire organ (duplicates Thumb Pistons) Thumb and Toe - Sequencer Up/Down General Cancel Accessories Balanced Swell Expression Pedal Balanced Choir Expression Pedal Crescendo Pedal (programmable) Crescendo Incremental Indicator Light Combination Lock Wind Indicator Light Music Rack Light Pedal Light Adjustable Bench Great to Pedal Reversible Thumb/Toe Swell to Pedal Reversible Thumb/Toe 32' Bourdon Reversible Toe Sforzando (programmable) Reversible Thumb/Toe Sforzando Indicator Light Motor Switch Extra Regulator for Fanfare Trumpet Wicks Exclusive Optical Keying System Solid-State Relay System MIDI In-Through-Out Interfaces MIDI Functions - 8 Pistons (2 per division with indicator lights) MIDI Sustain Toe Stud 13 Piston Transposer (6 Semi-Tones Sharp, 6 Semi-Tones Flat, Normal) Digital Package includes Amplifiers and Speakers 2 Pistons for Memory Level Up/Down 2 Pistons for MIDI Sequencer Start/Stop
Updated November 3, 2010